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Improve Employee Productivity 

More than half your workforce are actively disengaged.*
*2020 Gallup poll.

High Performance




Understand Role

High Energy

Not Engaged

Minimal Effort

Little Passion

Lack of Creativity

Increased Absence

Little Motivation

Checked Out

Actively Disengaged


Very Miserable

Bad Attitude

Often Late or Absent

Wastes Time

Undermine Coworkers

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Marjorie Kline, Founder

My passion is to use my background of organizing highly successful events and trade shows from concept through execution to taking care of organizations’ most valuable asset - employees. I’m not talking about annual holiday parties, summer picnics, and Halloween pumpkin carving contests.

I’ve created and managed internal annual sales conferences, four-day team off-sites, and cross-functional team bonding activities. I construct plans for employee-driven programs to enhance employee engagement, productivity, and workplace culture.

Don’t forget, happy employees = happy customers = increase in revenue

I have a diverse background with a powerful drive to make a difference for organizations. I’m used to having all the responsibility without any of the authority. I’ve learned how to lead by building relationships and making an impact with stakeholders of all levels.

My career has spanned many industries including mobile security, semiconductor, medical, education, and consulting. I have managed executive demo rooms for C-Suite and analyst day events. I have teamed with HR to execute team-building and workplace improvement agendas. Accomplishments include internal communications, gamification, and employee food services.

I incorporate design thinking principles and a human-centric approaches to make a positive impact in the workplace by helping to create inspired and engaged employees.

Outside of work, I enjoy learning new skills, hiking, and creating art. I love spending time with my boy Roy, a Border Collie mixed with Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky.

MK Consulting
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We all want to feel we make a difference in some way 


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I strongly suggest Marjorie to be involved from the very beginning. Marjorie is very good at these kind of things: not only can she anticipate problems, she can effectively get things done by leveraging the right people at the right time.

– Director of Product Marketing

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